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Specialists and Programs


Lead Teachers

Emily Bergquist, Special Education

Erin E. Anderson, Grades K-8



Mary Sweeney


English Learners (EL)

Heidi Wheelock, Grades 3-8 

Jana Henkel, Grades K-2



Amanda Caudle,  7/8 General Music & Choir 

Lauren Bird, Vocal Music K-6/Hearts in Harmony

Colleen Bertsch, Orchestra

Joe Churchich, Instrumental Music/Band/Jazz Band

CLICK HERE for the District Elementary Band and Orchestra webpage

Media Center

Laura Given, Media Specialist 

CLICK HERE to view the Media Center webpage

Physical Education

Jill Lafore, DAPE 

Missy Brink

Ryan Adams


Advanced Academics and Talent Development

Wendy Johnson

CLICK HERE to view the District webpage

Reading Corps Tutor



Reading Intervention

Wendy Johnson

Parkview School Forest

Mary Sweeney

CLICK HERE to view School Forest Website


Volunteer/Events Coordinator

Rhianna Stave